which of the following is an example of fiscal policy?

51. Examples of fiscal policy include changing tax rates and public spending to curb inflation at a macroeconomic level. Other examples include extending tax cuts to counteract a cut in government spending to avoid causing an economic recession. Which of the following government actions is an example of fiscal policy? incom For example, stimulating a stagnant economy by increasing spending or lowering taxes, also known as expansionary fiscal policy, runs the risk of causing inflation to rise. The 3 forms include: (1) increase in government purchases of goods and service, (2) a cut in taxes, and (3) an increase in government transfers. An example of government spending as expansionary fiscal policy is the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Question 36 1 pts Which of the following would be an example of "successful fiscal policy? It reduces the amount of money available for businesses and consumers to spend. Monetary policy differs from fiscal policy in that a. it has to be exercised by the legislature. Which of the following policies will definitely … Increasing social security tax rates. D) Instituting wage and price controls. Define expansionary fiscal policy and list its three forms. B) Regulating utility prices. c. it is a slower process than fiscal policy. d. it is a faster process than fiscal policy. This effort was taken on … Decreasing corporate income tax rates. A) Adjusting the money supply. a) Raising taxes in order to cover a budget deficit. It gets its name from the way it contracts the economy. Purchasing fighter planes from a U.S. manufacturer. C) Increasing social security tax rates. Fiscal Policy of an economy is the responsibility of the Government. a tax cut passed by Congress to fight a recessionb. b) Preventing unions from going on strike. For example, government spending should be directed toward hiring workers, which immediately creates jobs and lowers unemployment. Which of the following government actions is an example of fiscal policy? Expansionary fiscal policy works fast if done correctly. Which of the following is an example of a fiscal policy? Get the detailed answer: Which of the following is an example of a discretionary fiscal policy?a. Fiscal policy that increases aggregate demand. (Timely, targeted, and temporary) Permanent tax cuts for corporations Developing new government agencies to increase government spending O Progressive income taxes … All of the above. An example of nondiscretionary fiscal policy would be The existence of the progressive federal income tax If you were to use an aggregate supply aggregate demand diagram to model nondiscretionary and discretionary fiscal policy in reaction to a negative aggregate demand shock, you would see the aggregate demand curve move c) Increasing the level of the minimum wage. Contractionary fiscal policy is when the government either cuts spending or raises taxes. Match the following … asked by Maria on January 8, 2013; Economics. 52. b. the policy goals are very different. Tax cuts can put money into the hands of consumers if the government can send out rebate checks right away.

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