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There's little point in continuing a relationship with the customer after the sale if they're not going to buy more. Cross-functional collaboration to benefit the customer. By adhering to this proven process, our account management training enables sales organizations to positively impact everything from customer perception to cross-team collaboration. Key Account Management is all about relationship building and most importantly trust-building between organization and customer, KAM wishes to see buyers considering the seller as a skilled partner, and not as a vendor. If possible, name an executive sponsor to each account. Adding continual value to the customer’s business is key to account management and successful continuation of the relationship that sales began. A KAM needs leadership abilities to guide her team members (which might include a salesperson, marketer, technical support, implementation and/or onboarding specialist). Be Proactive. Facebook Share Email. Despite the potential benefits of key account management to your bottom line, it's not a good fit for every organization. They can play a major role in getting the necessary resources, connecting with the C-suite at the target account, and providing high-level guidance. Key Account Management comes from authors who have taught leading companies how to approach their most powerful and demanding customers and still make money. In addition to having business acumen, key account managers should have an analytical mindset. HubSpot uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products, and services. Results-oriented. Strategic account management involves juggling several initiatives, priorities, and campaigns at one time. The KAM is tasked with defining the individual approach of the sales personnel to specific consumers in order to create strong and lasting relationships. Who controls what budgets? The ‘account’ is very profitable & ‘you’ have long-term visibility of business growth. Everything You Should Know About Account Management KPIs, The What, Why, and How of Sales Acceleration – 101 Guide. Unless your team is prohibitively small, separate the sales and account manager roles. Understand the client organizational hierarchy using the Org chart which is available in both Salesforce Org chart and the MS Dynamics Org chart. The ultimate purpose of KAM is to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with specific businesses in order to meet strategic goals and optimize value in both companies. Periodically assess your selection criteria. A key account program can serve as a competitive advantage. As our key account manager, you'll play a critical role in client retention and revenue growth. Here's a list of examples: It's tempting to label many customers as "key accounts" at one time, but be conservative. Don't choose solely based on revenue. If your product has upsell and cross-sell potential. Plus, you can always adapt your strategy down the line if something changes. A key account plan helps you identify the greatest possibilities for growth, potential roadblocks, threats from the competition, and more. ‘You’ would be one of the several suppliers. The exit barriers to the relationship are very high & exit will be traumatic. Free and premium plans, Customer service software. If the ‘account’ has high potential, then this is the ideal stage. (Obviously, you still want to provide excellent customer service and support to promote word-of-mouth marketing and high retention rates.). Having the right tools in place can make the job of a KAM a lot easier and more effective. Your organization needs an explicit, strict definition of key accounts. It drives the profitability of B2B companies, and having a Key Account Strategy is the heart of any successful business in this sector. SBI recommends choosing three to five selection criteria. Key Account Manager Resume Examples Key Account Managers are a liaison between clients and the company, working on connecting what the client needs with the company's strategies and solutions. One should keep the following best practices in mind in order to succeed with their KAM strategy. Define what key accounts are. The engagements are few & forecasts can be made for a short term. Key accounts don't usually buy off-the-shelf: They want a custom blend of products and services tailored to their needs. Key accounts provide the most business because they contain a small number of clients which contribute a large portion of the company's sales. If these areas are well maintained, your team will be able to dig deeper into existing key accounts and maximize the revenue potential that’s there. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(53, '6fc73954-1b14-47ca-ab80-fefff0626a9b', {}); Originally published Mar 12, 2020 3:00:00 PM, updated October 08 2020, Key Account Management: The Ultimate Guide, How to Know Whether Your Company Needs A Key Account Management Strategy, The Difference Between Key Account Management and Selling, Which Skills Your Key Account Managers Need, How to Hire Key Account Managers (Including a Job Description Template), How to Write A Key Account Management Plan, professional services firm BTS points out, Outcome Selling: Don’t Sell the Product, Sell the Outcome, Sales Maximization: A Picture of Its Principles and Practice, A Straightforward Guide to Missionary Selling [+ Examples]. At the end of the day, strategic account management should be all about responsiveness, problem-solving, customer satisfaction, and building long-term relationships that lead to additional revenue. Calculate how much potential there is to expand each account. This management plan gives you the benefit to check if you’re providing every partner and customer with the appropriate amount of time. To achieve KAM success, it is also necessary to come up with a … Stay up to date with the latest marketing, sales, and service tips and news. Map out every customer stakeholder. Why should you start a key account management program? Course Overview. A KAM should develop dynamic business acumen. It takes your goals (in other words, your account wishlist) and breaks down the actions you need to take to reach them. The basic role of a key account manager inside your company is to build and nurture loyal, long-lasting relationships with each of your high-value customers. Differentiating Sales and Key Account Management As more B2B Organizations want to portray themselves strategically unique to their customers, they must ensure to maintain and approach their relationship with Key Accounts slightly differently too. The customers who are most likely to be consistent and loyal, and so represent significant value in the long term. If you can promise to make them a key account — and your competition can't do the same — you're likelier to win the deal. Our Key Account Management program will give your team the knowledge, skills, tools, and planning process they need to identify and grow key accounts. Do not add certain customers to your Key Account program just because they have been customers a long while, or they are golfing buddies with the CEO. It will pay to look at specialized KAM Softwares to help you mine your Key Accounts and enrich your relationship for the long term. In fact, whe… Account planning tools, tools for marketing automation, inside sales, lead qualification, sales process automation and finally Key Account Management. This information will help you figure out which relationships you need to build and maintain — as well as anyone who could potentially derail your plans. See all integrations. Another important aspect of Key Account Management is using the best practices and skills focused on building loyalty and a long-term relationship with the customers. At the top of the list is communication. Marketing generates thousands of leads & passes on the qualified leads to sales who in turn win deals. Some companies assign their reps as key account managers to one or two customers. Our story unfolds in the Champions League semi-final match between Inter Milan and Barcelona in 2010, arguably the…, Picture this. Consistently measure account performance. As professional services firm BTS points out, key account programs often lead to increased costs and lower margins. The relationship emphasis is transactional with pricing as the main criteria. Eliminate back and forth emails about meeting scheduling by using a meetings tool to make the process seamless for the attendees. Therefore, your organization must have a clear understanding of what a Key Account means to you and follow the same categorization criteria throughout. To provide value to the account and find mutually beneficial opportunities, you need an in-depth, sophisticated understanding of their business. In this comprehensive guide to key account management, you'll learn: Key account management is the process of building long-term relationships with your company's most valuable accounts. Not to mention all the cost and effort added for acquiring a new client to make up for the loss of revenue.

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