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The Ibanez AS153 is also manufactured with this same wood, which is from the superior Artstar line, and is the top of the range model built in China. Ibanez AS103 4.72 out of 5 based on 58 ratings . Ibanez uses this number series to determine the production date for warranty claims. Our Online Music Store offers a massive range and our prices are always some of the cheapest around. It is hands down superior to the 103 in the materials used and the craftsmanship. Its pair of Super 58 Custom humbucking pickups provide you with growling lows and focused highs. Made in Japan. With a wonderful Mahogany body and a AR 3pc Maple set-in neck, you can be sure that this guitar looks amazing and sounds rcih, deep and warm. The Ibanez AS200 made in Japan is made with african mahogany. Body is mahagony on the AM205 and maple on the AS200, and the AS200 has a bigger body. If tou really want an upgrade I would purchase up the AS200 Ibanez over any ES-335 Dec 12, 2018 #10 This guitar is as close to perfection as an instrument can ever be. It is practically identical to the original, except that they make it in China rather than in Japan to keep costs under control. For a decade now, Ibanez has continued to energize the hollow-body segment with … That will basically give me an AS153 with Super 80s instead of Custom S58's. About this product. This is a medium-sized wood like mahogany and paler in appearance. I am VERY happy now. £395.00 The Ibanez AS153 semi-hollowbody electric guitar gives you a wide range of tone, making it an excellent choice for just about any musical genre you want to play. After it's set make a final check of the setup to be positive nothing else has changed. Similar to Fender, Ibanez manages to maintain strong quality control and precision throughout their line, from the $300 models all the way through the Tosin Abasi Signature. 2. The 2630 has the TRI-SOUND connected to the BRIDGE PICKUP. Models produced up to and including 1988 have serial numbers starting with "F7", which normally have to indicate production in 1987. AM73 (with many up grades ) also boring. Ibanez JSM100-VT John Scofield Signature Semi-Hollowbody. There is one setting that is extremely bright and ear wrecking. I should have bought the AM153 or AS153 instead of tinkering with the AM73. After spending more time with the AS200, JSM100 as well as a Super 58-loaded 2630, the JSM is the clear winner IMHO. … Ibanez AS200 VYS Artstar Prestige Electric Guitar in Vintage Yellow Sunburst - Ibanez Disclaimer. Ibanez Super 58 humbuckers Ibanez tuners with pearloid buttons Tuneamatic style bridge Stop tailpiece with fine tuners 2 volume, 2 tone pots 3 way toggle switch Floating pickguard Nice (but smelly) Ibanez hardshell case UTILIZATION This guitar is a dream to play, … The current AS153 series is the vintage sunburst semi-hollow body electric guitar model. It was made in South Korea. Artcore Expressionist in 3pc Mahogany/Maple with Super 58 Pickups. The fretboard is really nice and easy playing. While we are at it how about the AS153 vs AS200? IBANEZ Spare Parts In case that you need a spare part which is not yet available at meinlshop you can use the Ibanez parts catalog system for your research: Click this link to start your research: Link: https://cs.hoshinogakki.co.jp/pcw.nsf (Please note:This is a link to a external website which is not related to meinlshop.de) 2 volumes, 2 tones, 1 selcteur 3 positions (choice of pickups I think), another selector 3 postion to boost the sound. I believe the guitars we have are also hollow bodies. More items related to this product. Thanks, it really is a gorgeous guitar. Ibanez AS93. Compare 2 from $1,299. I have an ES-335 ..... boring. Ibanez As200-vys - Vintage Yellow Sunburst. Ibanez AS200 vs AM205 for Jazz I can't decide If I an AS200 or an AM205 would be better suited to play Jazz with flatwound strings. A warm, colorful, and versatile sound can be attained with this baby's pair of Super 58 Custom humbuckers, and this artful axe's reverberating maple top, back, and sides will envelop you and your listeners. Classic easel. The guild, Gibson, heritage, etc etc and none had the fit and finish of the AS200, but more importantly none had a better sound either. I would get the 153 if you have the money. So, I bought the AS153 (output jack on the side). ... Ibanez Artist AS200 Antique Violin. When I bought mine back then, I tested every 335 style semi hollow body guitar being made. ;) Final action adjustment is the last tweak to make and should be done when the neck relief is correct [for you] and the trem angle is correct. Tri-Sound switching, borrowed from the legendary Ibanez … Body is mahagony on the AM205 and maple on the AS200, and the AS200 has a bigger body. 12% bought Ibanez AS153-AYS: £854: 6% bought Ibanez AS200-VYS Artstar Prestige: £1,980: 5% bought Ibanez JSM100-VT John Scofield: £2,299: 4% bought Ibanez AS93FM-VLS: £569: Our most popular Semiacoustic Guitars: Compare Products: Related Products. This page contains information, pictures, videos, user generated reviews, automatically generated review and videos about Ibanez AS103 but we do not warrant the quality, accuracy or completeness of any information on our web site. Ibanez have a great reputation for quality guitars at wallet friendly prices and the AS153 is a classic example of a well made guitar with enough depth of tone and character to appeal to experienced players. Compare 10 from $750. It feels most similar to the 2630, but edges out the others with its compound radius fretboard, tall frets, super high quality finish and tone. Joined: Jun 14, 2009 Location: Maryland. The AS120 is an Artstar series hollow body electric guitar model introduced by Ibanez for 1995. item 1 Vintage, Ibanez Stratocaster, Sunburst guitar Made In Japan In The 1970’s 2375. The Ibanez AS153 Artstar semi-hollowbody electric guitar is not a guitar to be boxed into one category. There is some confusion about FujiGen serial numbers from 1987. Ibanez AS200 - The ES335 Killer I have owned the Ibanez AS200 since 1999. Ibanez is one of the most popular guitar brands around and is the choice of Guitar Gods like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and many others. Besides all signs of great craftsmanship one can ever imagine, the AS153 has the finest fretwork I have ever seen. I believe Ibanez changed the TRI-SOUND on the AS200 as compared to the 2630 semi-hollow. I have 3 strats and a tele, and wanted a shorter scale guitar with humbuckers. As good as the JSM is, costly signature models are out of reach for most guitarists. NGD: Ibanez AS153 semi-hollow Discussion in 'Other Guitar Discussion' started by BadBrad, Nov 13, 2014. Ibanez introduced Artcore in 2002 and has been the hollow-body guitar of choice for musicians for the last 10 years. 1 - Vintage, Ibanez Stratocaster, Sunburst guitar Made In Japan In The 1970’s 2375. BadBrad Strat-O-Master. UTILIZATION Handle … On the AS200 the TRI-SOUND switch is connected to the NECK PICKUP and does not have a out of phase selection like on the 2630 model. No Ibanez has one, like Gibson, Heritage, and Yamaha models. Ibanez AS200 artist. The guitar builder for the giants of jazz, Ibanez now introduces the Artstar AS153 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar, to answer the needs of the working professional player. 22 frets Microphone type unknown Handle large and comfortable with beautiful pearls. Ibanez AS153 Artstar Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar (with Case) Whether you crave a clean jazz, soulful blues, or a dirty rock sound, this guitar's Super 58 … In my perception it has a little more shine than mahogany. The Artcore's combination of quality workmanship and affordability has created legions of fans from diverse genres as blues, country, rock and jazz. That AR-620 is a hot double cutaway, I like it. I have an AS103 that is built incredibly well. Small things like the bone nut (which will provide more sustain), ebony fretboard (harder more dense wood will also provide a smooth feel and and more sustain as well) and big things like the flame maple top, sides and back - well that's just gorgeous and has a great tone. Technically a hollow body does not have a center block. Messages: 677. 371 . I took my time trying to find some flaws/defects to put into the feedback, but I've completely failed. 13. The AS93 has a brighter, more tactile feel than most semi-hollows, likely a product of the Super 58 Customs being wound for modern playing (read: higher gain). It is a … I can't decide If I an AS200 or an AM205 would be better suited to play Jazz with flatwound strings. Ibanez based his signature Ibanez model on the stock AS200 that he has played for over 20 years. And Port Mac Guitars is the very best and most trusted place in Australia to buy Ibanez Electric Guitars. I hadn't really given Ibanez much thought until my son, and his guitars all have really thin necks, which doesn't work for me, but he really likes them, and the quality has always been top-notch so I figured that I'd look. Ibanez AS200 Artstar Prestige, Antique Yellow Sunburst - The Ibanez AS200 Artstar Prestige 2018, Antique Yellow Sunburst is designed to take you back to the days when Jazz was at its peak, featuring a stunning hollow body construction combined with classic aesthetics and vintage tones. Rounding out this stunningly crafted piece is the famous Ibanez Super 58 pickup, known for its balanced tone character and sonic fullness, whether restrained to jazz-clean or cranked up to gritty rockin blues. I was not fully satisfied with the sound and I eventually replaced the original pickups with the same ones used in the AS200. I really wanted to get an Ibanez AS200 but I do not like having the output jack on the front of the guitar. Funky fusioneer John Scofield played a 1981 Ibanez AS200 for years before the two teamed up and introduced the similar JSM signature guitar to the world in 2001. Since I got it in slightly modified condition, I just might drop a split-coil Ibanez Super 80 pickup into the neck and add a tri-sound switch. Check the website, as I believe Ibanez does not make a semi-hollow. Adjusting the action varies by the type of guitar but since this is an Ibanez site you'll find Ibanez directions. The Ibanez beats all its competitors hands down in this aspect. Thankfully, Ibanez recently introduced a lower-priced version: the JSM10, based on the JSM100. Ibanez AS153 Artstar Series Semi-Hollow. I have a hollow-body Ibanez AFJ95 and it is an awesome guitar.

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