wave petunias in containers

You can cut back leggy Wave Petunias a few inches to encourage fresh growth and more blooms. If you want a lush, full container display, place 1 to 3 plants in a 10 inch or larger container, hanging basket, or patio planter. across (5 cm), from late spring to the first frosts. I have the Wave Petunia in a two tiered basket and find myself deadheading the plant. Pesticides' are the products that are used to control insects, diseases and weeds. 1. Wave plants make great mixed combo containers, too! Easy Wave Violet sometimes likes to stand taller than our other Waves. One of the top reasons gardeners love planting Wave Petunias and Cool Wave Pansies is they create gorgeous cascades of color in hanging baskets and decorative pots. Just be sure that they are getting the right amount of sun. Add the wave petunia to your hanging baskets where its multitude of blooms covering this trailing petunia will totally engulf the basket in flower power. Jan 11, 2020 - Explore Deborah Grant's board "Wave Petunias", followed by 219 people on Pinterest. They produce flowers in a broad range of colors including pastels, bright neons, and blends. They need plenty of water, but keep in mind that the soil in beds and containers must be well-drained and containers dry out faster than in-ground beds. Heat tolerant and easy to grow, petunias have some requirements. Wave petunia plants have a spreading growth habit, with the ability to fill flower beds with their blooms that sprout all along their stems, which can reach up to 4 feet (1.2 m.). Wave plants make great mixed combo containers, too! All Wave petunias are heavy feeders, so apply a controlled-release fertilizer at planting. Petunias--one of the most popular annuals--come in hundreds of varieties and grow readily in window boxes, hanging baskets, flower beds and containers. on Apr 22, 2016. A regular petunia has an upright or bush growth habit. But sometimes in the greenhouse when plants are being produced (before they're shipped to stores) a growth regulator might be applied to keep them manageable for shipping. Without the right nutrients, petunias may be slow to grow, fail to bloom or produce pale or discolored leaves. The wave petunia does not require deadheading as it will self-clean. These are a better choice than Wave for smaller containers or small gardens. The habit is entirely new, and so adaptable you can grow a dozen plants and use them a dozen different ways! To keep your petunias looking great try to implement these tips during your blooming season. Removing any seed-pods from the stem is also a good way to put energy into producing flowers instead of seed. We think the Easy Waves are the middle of the series and offer the best of both worlds. Wave Petunias keep their lush, full habit even in the dog days of August when every other plant around them wilts at noonday and struggles to keep going. Petunias are beautiful flowering plants and popular annual flowers in American and European gardens. Petunias are no doubt one of the most popular annual flowers and best to grow in containers. More recent introductions, such as the wildly popular wave petunias and the petunia look-alike Calibrachoa, … This is the first year we have grown easy wave petunias from seed an plan to use most of them in baskets, what is the best way to make the baskets look full and even? Flowers are 2 1/2-3” in diameter. The rest are beautiful but my favorite color acts like a regular petunia. Whether in hanging baskets or containers on tables or a front porch, growing petunias in pots brings vibrant color throughout the summer to whatever area you choose. can wave petunia hanging basket sit on decorative stones in the original pots? The only other possibility is that a non-Wave petunia was placed in the pink pot by mistake and you have a typical grandiflora petunia which will not have the best trail and spread. For a list of diagrams and planter recipes, visit the … The Supertunia® series of petunias, part of the Proven Winners® plant line, are extremely vigorous bloomers that have the advantage of being self-cleaning, so no deadheading is needed. It is terrific in containers … I had 2 large urns (about 16" across top) that had no holes in the bottom, so I converted them into self watering pots, (took about 30 minutes). Wave petunias prefer a full sun location. Varieties like “Tidal Wave” … Is it ok to pinch them to keep even and producing more flowers and from them becoming leggy? Light: Full sun. The only Wave that works as well in beds as it does in containers, Petunia Tidal Wave is nothing short of incredible. My sisters and I are raising Wave petunias this year, in hanging baskets. Water: Plant in well-drained soil kept evenly moist. Spreading Petunias Spreading petunia varieties such as the wave petunia need plenty of space in order to grow laterally. http://www.gsplantfoods.com/. Some varieties of spreading petunias can grow up to as wide as 4 feet or so, and you should space your spreading petunias … Easy Wave Series Petunia are more mounded than the other wave petunias. Another possibility is the plant may be one of our colors that has a more upright growth than a spreading growth. ©2020 Ball Horticultural Company All Rights Reserved, Plant Cool Wave Pansies now for bright color next spring, Planting container gardens: the dos and don’ts, Download our Wave hanging basket guidelines. Continue to water and feed it regularly like your other pots. Hi Kathy! Jul 20, 2020 - Explore Lynn Helgason's board "Wave Petunias", followed by 122 people on Pinterest. You’ve all seen them – and wanted them! If you are growing petunias in a garden, space them out about 3 inches (7.6 cm) apart. Continue a regiment of liquid fertilizer weekly; it will really help the plant fill out nicely. Don't let your Wave Petunias dry out between waterings. If you are growing petunias in a pot, aim to have up to 3 plants in a pot that measures 10–12 inches (25–30 cm). They spread up to 3' so they have lots of vigour, but they're shorter and more manageable than some of the larger Waves, but still with a large flower size. Could it have a negative affect on reblooming? It's generally not needed to remove old blooms if the plant is getting 6+ hours of sunlight and being fed every 10-14 days with plant food. I was just curious what fertilizers you recommend. “Tidal Wave Red Velour’s combination of durability and toughness and the longer growing season than most petunias makes it a great Texas Superstar,” he said. Growing Wave Petunias. While wave petunias do not require deadheading (removal of spent blossoms), gardeners may want to promote bushier growth and more attractive … Should I pinch off the Wave Flowers before planting? They are good for containers and hanging baskets and will do fine planted directly in the ground. The plant grows to about 10” tall and 3 feet across. (30 cm) apart, they form a dense, mounded hedge - Spaced a little farther apart – about 18 in. Wave petunias are a perfect choice for hanging baskets And although all three fill a space a bit differently, they can all be used with great success for containers, hanging baskets, or open bed space planting. I like Easy Waves in the … There are a lot of different Wave petunias out there. Wave petunias have a unique trailing growth habit and are highly prolific in their blooming. (30 to 60 cm) apart in garden beds ; Tidal Wave Petunias grow according to how you space them - Spaced 12 in. Privacy Policy   Terms of UseTerms & Conditions of Sale. (45 cm) – they will perform as large mounded plants. Wave plants need sunlight. While your Wave Petunias will thrive in the garden, they also can do well in hanging baskets, large containers, and window boxes. Select a location for your hanging basket or container that receives plenty of sun – at least 6 hours. Wave petunias come in several varieties: trailing, mounding, and spreading types. The Differences Between Wave & Cascading Petunias. Tidal Wave — Astonishingly Versatile! You may want to add … Beside it we can easily found several pesticides available in market. Bold 'Purple Wave' petunias make an excellent partner for the softer purple of ageratum's powder-puff blooms. I would add more than one plant if you want some interest to your containers. Best of all, petunias are amazingly easy to grow, both in the garden and in containers. Wave. Keep reading to learn how to grow petunias in containers. After cutting back, you'll see results in about 10 to 14 days. Deadheading Wave Petunias shouldn't have any negative effect on more flowers. Spreading petunias: Also known as Wave petunias, this variety is an eye-catching choice for ground cover or edging gardens. Petunias grow well outdoors in containers where they can be moved into protected areas during storms. Tidal Wave® Petunias. Petunias have large blooms and need enough room to develop fully and stay healthy. They drape over the sides of containers and raised beds and are great summer performers. It is possible this plant received that treatment and is holding it back more than the others. They’re easygoing and low-maintenance when planted in baskets or containers: They bloom quickly, and don’t require any pruning to produce new blooms. They are excellent for containers, hanging baskets or in the ground. Wave petunias trail attractively from long stems with blossoms along their full length, making these annual flowers ideal choices for hanging baskets and window boxes. A few points to remember when planting: Don’t over-pack your container. It may be advisable to cut back your Wave petunias in the landscape to ensure it doesn’t get too straggley. How many wave petunias for each of the rectangular railing planters? These have 4 regular petunias in each. Petunias growing in containers are excellent decorations for fences, stairs, exterior walls, interior window sills, gazebos, porches, pergolas and …

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