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Discussion in 'Long Guns' started by Sabot, Sep 7, 2012. Love the little gun. If you insist on nothing but the best in lever guns, Winchester – of course – still makes the Model 1892.This pistol-caliber carbine (one of John Moses Browning’s finest guns) is their only model offered in modern pistol cartridges; the others are offered in the old chamberings like .44-40 and .45 Colt, though they didn’t actually make their rifles in .45 Colt originally. I’ll get to that in just a minute. A .223 or other rifle caliber might be fine for a truck gun, but a lot depends on where you live. The 12 gauge slug can bull it's way through brush a bit better but no gun is brush proof. Kills everything. There are a couple of other things I’ve got on here. Both have proven worthy, especially in brushy environments, but lever actions are limited in long-range caliber options and pumps are…well, they’re pumps and you again have limited options (basically the Remington 7600). Today you have more options than the traditional semi-auto deer rifles of yesterday with the unstoppable outbreak of black guns. Brush Gun Vs Hunting Rifle And Comparison Bow Rifle Hunting Revenue This handy little carbine is chambered for one of the least expensive center fire rifle rounds available. ADI’s/IMR’s new Trail Boss powder is also an option for lead. Hearing that news has made me sway towards the 9mm carbine. I had similar post not too long ago, but a new option opened up and I'd like some input. With the economy still sputtering like a carbureted truck rumbling along a timberline, outfitting yourself with one good rifle makes more sense today than ever. One exception is the old Mossberg Model 472 30-30 lever gun, but very few people know it exists, anyhow. There is a glitch for the brush gun where the bullets don't actually hit your target, or when you shoot them they take a 90 degree angle or something. This debate is irrelevant. Remington’s R-25 comes in the 7mm-08 Rem, and most brands offer ARs in the .308. Marlin 1894 Rifle Lever-Gun Makeover. The trail from the encounter went down hill, where the dog found the deceased, camo clad hunter, deep in the alder. The pistol ammunition is more than powerful enough to take down a deer or hog at close to medium range. *Light Machine Gun Recoil Compensator - Decreases spread. 88 This is the gun my son will be using. Ruger was already established with the No. Besides, a Hi Point is around $300, which almost sounds too good to be true. A wounded animal hit with it should leave a substantial blood trail for easy … Both meet the minimums for a great dual-purpose rifle. A handful of others also slip into this range, but going much larger is overkill. That makes it very handy for use in areas where … Although the 4×4 offers many great features, its slightly heftier weight and its overall length (46 inches) give the ATR top nod. As you might imagine, the .22 LR cartridge, in revolver or auto, got quite a few votes. GLOCK 20 (around $615). 6 Best Deer Rifles in Your Gun Shop. Put a Williams reciever sight on it with fairly large aperture for woods shooting. If I am out hunting in SHTF, the last thing I want to be doing is following a long blood trail because 1. Willows, Russian olives and tall grass all combined to screen the buck as I strained to see antlers. Of course I would love to buy a tricked out AR, but $1000+ for the gun and then the high cost of … If you move to a meadow, bump the power to 6x or 8x. + More accurate. 95. Then, in a Moses-like moment, the grasses parted and a mature buck poked out its head. Bugs First and foremost, you want to keep your rig as lightweight as possible. Who doesn’t love a Marlin 1895 in 45-70? 88 - $12.88 $ 12 . On the low end, the 6.5mm Creedmoor fits the definition, as does Jack O’Connor’s favorite, the .270 Win. A trail gun, to me , is the gun which you carry when doing something else. The sling carry is good for long walks in open cover. In that scenario I believe the anti-drug message of “just say no” is great advice. Minutes later, my rattling was in full play and from the corner of my right eye I caught sight of a deer slipping through the brush my way. A tool to ride unobtrusively on the hip or in the pocket to fill the job when the need arises. Argue the point at your convenience. Being prepared for a bean-field shot or a morning of rattling in the Texas mesquite country is commonplace for many of you. I was involved in a discussion recently regarding the best handgun for the camper and backpacker. If you’ve decided the M1 Carbine is your go-to home defense gun, there are a few things you can do to bring it up to date a little bit. Shotgun Rain, Dec 14, 2010. The .45-70gov is a very powerful cartridge quite popular amongst hunters. Mossberg has also come into the bolt-action market strong with both the ATR and the 4×4 models. Shotgun Gauges Explained: 10 vs 12 vs 16 vs 20 vs 28 vs 410 Ruger Gunsite Scout Designed to fulfill Colonel Jeff Cooper’s desire for a general purpose “scout rifle”, the Ruger Gunsite Scout is compact (sporting either a 16.1 or an 18.7 inch barrel), very accurate, and has a large magazine capacity. I love rifles, but a $600 R700 + $400 scope doesn't fit my definition of a poor man's hunting gun. The options are mind boggling, but great for those who believe gun shopping should be similar to shopping for and accessorizing a truck. According to the texture, the brush gun was originally just a mod for the Trail carbine before being made into its own weapon. Whereas 50 years ago your relatives may have met at hunting camp and tromped the same mountain for deer, today you have the freedom to drive across county/state lines and even to other regions of the nation to deer hunt. Published 05/26/17. Over the years, it’s been argued that round-nosed bullets versus those with a more spire-point configuration will drive right through brush. We do a little test to see if "brush guns" really are capable of busting through the brush as so many people say. That takes in the popular .25-06 and the .243 Win. Others to review include the .280 Rem, 7mm-08 Rem Mag, .308, .30-06 and the .300 Win Mag. The butt stock has an ammo storage compartment which makes it easy to store your ammo. I have read the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy, and I hereby agree to those terms. A good deer caliber is capable of quickly and cleanly dispatching a deer at close range and out to 300 yards, or beyond. Here’s a hunting tip. Calibers include the popular 7mm-08 Rem, .308, .270 Win and .30-06. It punched through the brush and grouped nicely. It has an increased ammunition capacity, a less intrusive rear sight than the regular brush gun, and it is also much cleaner in … Henry Survival. Out of the box, this carbine is perfect for hunting in thick brush, for up to 150 yards. Like the .444 Marlin, the .45-70gov cut through large branches no problem. Is it more powerful than any 308 snipers like the Gobi or COS? Most would lean to a 3x or 4x power, so consider that for the low-end setting. Latest. The hunter’s heart rate almost doubled. Weather Shield options provide extra weather protection, 50-times better than stainless as advertised by T/C. October 13, 2017. Conclusion. Few can argue that the bolt action deserves top consideration for an all-around rifle for brush and open country. Although large, the exit wound had closed up, as abdominal wounds can. However, it still works great on up to medium size game out to a couple hundred yards, and is very accurate in this platform. Plus, when you shop for riflescopes consider the fact that most shooting hours begin at one half-hour before sunrise and end one half-hour after sunset, that’s a window most 42mm objectives can handle. This one was no different as I snuck from the riverbed to the upper bank and smack into the bedroom of the local whitetail population. A .45-70gov definitely works as a brush gun. It’s a bit spendier at more than $700, but Remington 700 actions are highly respected. To deliver a bullet with 1,200 foot-pounds of energy out to 300 yards or beyond, you need a high-velocity caliber, and that means forgoing the smaller favorites. Latest. Borderline calibers that should likely be shelved include everything from the .257 Weatherby on down. i actually like the brush more, lilbit difficult aiming, a lil more old fashion than the scope. This rifle was a good 30 feet away from the site where the hunter had a close encounter of the most miserable kind. Hunting. This is a brush gun, not a beanfield rifle or precision varmint vaporizer. While the GLOCK 20 is a lot bigger than the diddy little ccw five-shot Smith, it only exacts a 13-ounce weight penalty.; 866-730-1614. The longer barrel of the carbine will help it some, but still doesn't make it a hunting round. ARs are built relatively short and ergonomically friendly to make a highly maneuverable firearm. The ATR can be had for as little as $366. dont ask me why but i dont really like scopeson my rifles. 1, and others have joined the fray, such as Connecticut Valley Arms, by providing economical versions. *Marksman Carbine Extended Magazines - Increases ammunition capacity (+6). The .45-70gov is a very powerful cartridge quite popular amongst hunters. + Longer range in VATS (about equal to the Hunting Rifle). They come in an infinite variety of sizes, shapes, calibers and material construction. But the full-size G20’s capability is from another planet. and since i have Grunt (to buff my Survivalists Rifle and Chance's Knife) i thought i should get Cowboy as well (for the Trail Carbine and even more Chance's Knife power) and now the Trail Carbine is at 77 DAM, which is more than my Hunting Rifle, and so far it has been better in … (scopes are awesome). Joined: Jan 8, 2011 Messages: 25 Location: Columbia, SC. Prepping is one of the areas where the pistol-caliber carbine concept thrives. What about the classic .30-30 Win brush buster? Are they important? By Kat Ainsworth. The Trail Carbine only requires a 75 Guns score to use it effectively, whereas the Brush Gun requires a 100. Plus the Venture comes with a MOA guarantee. The hunter stopped and surveyed the thick brush with a wary eye. Trending: This Is The DEADLIEST Bullet Ever Invented. Early options that top many rifles today include the 3-9x models. O'Connor theorized that such a cartridge (I call it the .338x57 O'Connor) should be able to drive its bullet through the brush pretty well, open up fast, and would have a lot of shocking power. There was no scent trail to the rifle, so it flew there. And TNW has contrived among the … Once you have a 100 Guns skill, you shouldn't be using your Trail Carbine any longer. With multiple magazine choices– including models … Two that I believe should be bypassed include the lever action and the pump action. Picitinney Rail, M-Lock, and Threaded barrel on the Henry X Model. 1 Characteristics 2 Variants 2.1 Comparison 3 Locations 4 Behind the scenes 5 Bugs Medicine Stick expanded The Medicine Stick is a unique brush gun. At just over 7 pounds and between 42.63 and 44.63 inches, you get the choice of top calibers like the .270 Win, .30-06, .308 and the 7mm-08 Rem Mag. Sure, Jack O’Connor may not be as Hollywood as Bob Lee Swagger, but he certainly could shoot a .270 Win, near or far. ... photo (embedded at the bottom of this story) was taken from the point where the charging bear first erupted from the brush. Trail Boss is designed to be used with lead; with an emphasise placed on economy. The Brush Gun is the successor to the Trail Carbine. A .444 Marlin definitely works as a brush gun. If brush becomes dense, the barrel tip can get caught in shoulder-high branches and twigs so you may need to switch to a different carrying method. Reply today. I am on the left and Larry, my fishing client, is on the right. Bolt actions are accurate, even more accurate than most single-shots, plus you get multiple shots. .45-70gov through the brush. I see a middle-aged man adorned with round, wire-rimmed glasses resting a classic Winchester Model 70 over a rock preparing to topple a bighorn ram. Yes I know there is a lever action rifle from Far Harbor but I don't have Far Harbor. If you like the trail carbine more why not use it? The barrel is grooved to take a scope, which can further boost accuracy. Joined: Jan 8, 2011 Messages: 25 Location: Columbia, SC. Balancing power and portability to find the perfect all-around rifle for hunting in the backcountry. If you compare the lengths of popular models of ARs such as Remington’s R-25 and the ArmaLite AR-10, you’ll see the range from 35 inches to nearly 41 inches in overall length. There’s no reason to go with a fixed-power riflescope. These semi-automatics now come in camouflage and in a variety of calibers to handle most dual situations. If you want to stay in the low-cost range, check out Remington’s Model 783. When that 300-yard opportunity happens, you’ll have time to range, rest and crank up the power. 1895 Brush Gun Build. - Reloads slowly (bullet by bullet). With a price of $500 or less, the Venture is easy on the bank. WATCH VIDEO INTRODUCING THE ALL NEW 2020 With enhanced features at the industry's best value, the Riton Optics 2020 product line presents a better way to buy optics. UKARMS M1 Carbine Spring Airsoft Rifle Gun WW2 FPS 300. The common denominator in all these scenarios is a big “maybe.” So again, the answer to trying to force a brush-blocked shot is to just say no. Most experts agree that it takes a minimum of 1,000 foot-pounds of energy for a clean kill. If you're in the market for a new deer rifle, or your first, now's the time. i know its strange but ya i like the iron sights over and they both got good iron sights. One of the most distinguishing features of the AR is its true pistol grip. You can kill a deer with a .22 LR, but why? Nobody loads hunting ammo for a 40. I already have a model 94 30-30. Plus it should include focus adjustment to keep the image clear regardless of the power setting you choose or distance of shot. BARNES PRECISION MACHINE 1434 Farrington Rd, Apex, NC 27523. If you don’t have time for this, you should question whether you have time for a challenging shot. Collapsible stocks, composite forearms and light riflescopes can trim a pound or more from the overall weight of your AR. For most that includes a range of 300 yards or less. I have to pack the meat back from where it ends, and 2. The trail carbine features a good ammunition capacity, great balance of damage and damage-per-second (DPS), brisk rate of fire, and high accuracy. Dec 14, 2010 #2 . WE ARE RITON / SEE THE DIFFERENCE WATCH OUR BRAND STORY The core of our company is based on the passion to provide people with the quality they need & the service they deserve at a price they can afford. The biggest one, I think, is the addition of a picatinny rail. Trying to recommend the best deer caliber is like discussing religion or politics., Trail Carbine for Fallout: New Vegas - Warning: Video game violence and/or Strong Language. When I hear the term “brush gun,” without hesitation I think of the late Texan John Wooters squinting down the barrel of a lever action with the brim of his trademark camouflage cowboy hat tugged low to avert the searing sun. brush gun vs trail carbine What is a "BRUSH GUN"? I would like something small, light weight and that I can repeat fire fairly quickly. A 9mm rifle has a very low sound signature. As variable riflescope technology expands so do the options. Thanks to its aluminum alloy frame and cylinder, it weighs just over 10 ounces, so you can put it in your pocket or fanny pack and forget about it. That length makes it a dream to swing in cover. Trail Carbine - 45 / 45 (can be increased even further by 25% with the Cowboy perk) Hunting Rifle - 45 /45 Not much difference, though the Trail/Hunting are actually slightly higher. As he leapt, his body gave me a split-second, quartering away opportunity, and I ended the hunt using a traditional deer rig in a near-zero-visibility environment. I am starting my hunt for a lightweight carbine - more specifically a Kel-Tec 22WMR Carbine or the SUB-2000 (9mm Carbine). Yes it is. They are both near and dear to my heart, and this may be attributed to the ammo. Second, larger objectives do transmit more light, but only if combined with proper multi-coatings on the lenses. One of the most effective ways to protect your home and your family is... by Michael Janich / It's the only Ruger firearm that I've ever liked. Read and decide which caliber fascinates you more as a gun carrier. With 16 caliber choices, plus nearly a dozen calibers that fit dual criteria, the Venture is a tough choice to ignore. If you can get your hands on it, it’s at least worth a try (or the comparable Unique powder) for reduced lead loads. 1A Lightweight Rifle, in a suitable caliber can be a very good woods rifle as long as the hunter is willing to forgo a quick second shot. (I use a bolt .22wmr-CZ) My Ruger 9mm will group about 3" at 100 yards with good hp's and a scope. Does your bank account need a real break? High-sectional-density bullets also have been tested to deflect less, but again it’s not a guarantee. - Requires an extra perk compared to This Machine to reach full damage. Look for riflescopes that transmit 90 percent of the available light; 95 percent is even better. How to Choose a Rifle for Hunting Whitetail Deer in Thick Cover (Plus Seven Recommendations from Field & Stream) By Dave Hurteau. Never turn the power way up until the situation arises. Sure, you might think of Mark Wahlberg’s character in the movie Shooter, but not me. Like the .444 Marlin, the .45-70gov cut through large branches no problem. This classic, hard hitting lever gun is a staple of American firearms and commonly encountered in the hands of outdoorsman everywhere. Sub-MOA groups are possible due in part to Ruger’s patent-pending Power Bedding system, which utilizes stainless-steel bedding blocks insert-molded into the stock to lock the receiver and free-float the barrel. And yes, high-velocity calibers are more likely to deflect and possibly even fragment upon brush impact. The barrel has an over/under style and the rifle can fire both rifle and shotgun ammo. Which one is better? The gun is … When shopping for a rifle to handle it all you’ll be faced with a myriad of choices in actions. You can’t go wrong when shopping Remington’s expansive line-up of Model 700 actions, the Model Seven or even the 770. Reply. Yes, the .41 Mag is known as a very accurate round, which is why I bought one back in the ’80s. It … Everyone’s views differ based on experience, recommendations and from manufacturer marketing. If you enter a woodlot to rattle whitetails, drop the power to 4x in anticipation of fast action at close range. And if you have a youth or a smaller-sized shooter, the Venture comes in a compact model. Other options New from $59.95. It punched through the brush and grouped nicely. The ammunition capacity is enormous, and it offers far more accuracy than most of the other guns on this list. Grizzly Bear Vs 9mm: The Caliber Debate Gets Ruined For Many People Brandon Curtis. Of course, a handful of you have confidence to 500 yards and beyond with diligence. This gun is amazing because it combines the properties of both a shotgun and a rifle. Gun Reviews. It’s just too slow and doesn’t have the zip for a sniper encounter. (Up to 164 w/ 100 Guns, Cowboy perk and Hollow Point Rounds). Trail-King–The-Brush-Rifle-8 Few can argue that the bolt action deserves top consideration as do-it-all rifle for brush and open country. With a stock barrel length of 22″, our standard model was a bit long for our tastes. A quick-handling Model Seven to consider would be the Synthetic bolt action in 7mm-08 Rem or .308. Ruger PC Carbine from $799 at i actually love THAT gun, kinda looks like it would fit in a futuristic cowboy setting, I prefer taking and using the Trail gun on my non-Legion runs, mainly because there is something damn annoying about the Brush gun not hitting targets and the only way to have it hit one is to constantly use VATS, I'd probably give a brush gun/medicine stick to raul if the ammo wasn't so rare. ” The Remington 7600 are considered great brush guns for their compact size and the universal caliber offerings mean you can always find ammo even in the most remote of places. The Browning/Winchester 1885 Low Wall and NEF Handi-Rifle are other examples of fast handling, easy to carry, and reasonably common single shot rifles. Sure, they’ve accounted for lots of white freezer packages, but with dicey shooting scenarios at longer range these calibers lack adequate energy delivery. And lastly, take advantage of the various manufacturers’ reticle options and online technology to boost long-range accuracy. In this article: 380 ACP and 9mm Comparison 380 vs 9mm Stopping Power Cost Per Round Penetration Conclusion Caliber Wars | .380 ACP VS … Cowboy Repeater, Trail Carbine, Brush Gun: Direct Upgrades? ... rather than the S&W 629 .44 Mag. I prefer 16x for the simple reason that a larger target boosts my confidence when I plant the crosshairs. For purposes of clarity, I consent to Athlon's collection, storage, processing, and transfer of my Personal Data and Non-Personal Data (as defined in the Privacy Policy) for the purpose of signing up for the email newsletter. Fallout 4 Cowboy Repeater, Trail Carbine, and Brush Gun Can someone port one of these guns from Fallout New Vegas with the sounds and all to Fallout 4? That means it should have a relatively flat trajectory, maintain foot-pounds of energy and deliver a 120-grain (or larger) bullet with precision. Many have landed on the marketplace, including the Remington Model 750. Customer and marketing demands soon had manufacturers bumping that to 3-12x and even 4-16x models. Trail Carbine Vs Hunting Rifle And Varmint Hunting Rifles Reviews Get SPECIAL OFFER and cheap Price for Trail Carbine Vs Hunting Rifle And Varmint Hunting Rifle I LOVE revolvers....I feel naked without some sort of revolver as my primary weapon. More Gun Reviews. Sling. CALL US (919) 362-6805 ↑ TOP Of the three, I prefer the .30-.30 as it has less recoil than the 12 gauge and is more accurate than the 44 mag. A fairly light single shot rifle, such as the Ruger No. A trail gun, to me , is the gun which you carry when doing something else. Now correct. My Ranger Vet's primary weapon is the Medicine Stick and when I run out of AP I "Quickdraw" the Ranger Sequoia and then "Run n Gun" untill my AP regens. *Laser Sight - Increases accuracy.--Marksman Carbine--*5.56mm Suppressor - Reduces weapon noise. Given its potential to eliminate ammunition concerns between a long-gun and pistol, it’s a robust strategy. The Ruger 77 is a perfect addition for any hunter who wants a ranch gun to throw in the truck, or take out on long treks in the brush. Close the book, end of story. 4.0 out of 5 stars 20. ED-it: Sorry, fat-fingered the brush gun base damage. Today’s evolution of Eugene Stoner’s classic AR-7, which was itself derived from an … Brush gun does 113 damage with an Adjusted Crit + Reload DPS of 94 with Cowboy and handloads. Not to be a Buffalo Bore, that doesn’t include the weight of the cartridges.Which cost a bomb and weigh a ton. + Can be repaired with other Brush Guns and is not limited to Weapon Repair Kits for repairs. I like to bump that up to 1,200 foot-pounds or more, and that energy has to be delivered at any range you feel capable of handling. August 1, 2005. Sure, a Marlin 336 runs about $300, but a Sabot slug keeps up with your typical round-nose 30-30 quite nicely. Discussion in 'Long Guns' started by Sabot, Sep 7, 2012. With the same concept as the SU-16 series, Kel-Tec’s SUB-2000 is a pistol caliber carbine chambered in 9mm or 40 S&W. --Light Machine Gun--Light MG Expanded Drums - Increases ammunition capacity (+110). Jun 17, 2014, Stay in the know with the Personal Defense World newsletter, Get Ready for Second Round of CMP 1911 Pistol Sales in Early 2021, REPORT: Police Failed to Help Florida Man During Attempted Break-in, The SCCY DVG-1RD Shows How Useful a Red Dot Is for Concealed Carry, Falkor Phantom: Another 5.56 AR Pistol That Isn’t Just ‘Another’ AR Pistol, Gun News, Gun Reviews, and Self Defense Tips, You use of this website constitutes and manifests your acceptance of our. $8.49 $ 8. Given that obstacle, let’s begin with one benchmark: foot-pounds of energy. The weapon is also inexpensive to repair, and incredibly durable, withstanding 2495 shots before breaking. 1895 Marlin in 45-70 with Cerakote graphite black finish. Any good riflescope should offer ease in changing the power with a simple turn to increase or decrease power. They’re dependable and rarely malfunction. At least for the North American big game hunter, the debate is over. EAmber Gun Cleaning Brushes & Picks Kit Set Brass Steel Nylon Double Ended Gun Cleaning Brushes Stainless Steel Pick Set - Brass Steel Nylon Bristle Brushes by EAmber $8.88 $ 8 . FREE Shipping by Amazon. Not being a brush country native, I generally armed myself with rifles capable of the long shot, but on nearly every whitetail hunt I found myself entering the river jungles at some point during the day. USA – -( This past December found me carrying an M1-A through the woods in search of furry critters.Though I … It’s the ideal brush gun for … The hunter spent a fear filled fifty minutes on the profuse blood trail until it went cold.

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