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For that time it was a revolutionary idea — to first develop UX and UI for mobile devices, and then adapt the project for web and desktop applications. How? mobile banking app for Nationwide 1 million downloads A ‘write once, deploy anywhere’ approach Case Study User-centred design approach ensures Nationwide has an app that its users really value The highest-rated UK banking app on the App Store and Google Play with 1 million downloads A future-proof design that can be deployed to other For Immediate Release This decision was not made on a whim, but dictated by intelligence: iOS 8 or below is used by 13% of the users, and all devices that support iOS 8 can upgrade to iOS 9. The banking industry has generous experience leveraging data insights, but for the most part, banks have yet to build scalable AI strategies focused on creating value for their customers. 1. Take a look at what the world's TOP 10 banking and fintech influencers like Bradley Leimer,  Theodora Lau,  Spiros Margaris and Alex Jimenez have said about this case study. It was crucial for BOJ’s new mobile banking app to engage the users, elicit positive emotions and be so visually attractive that they would be motivated to use it more often and recommend it to their friends. The app had to be energetic and dynamic, communicating the temper of the Middle East. Mobile Payment Services – Prague, CZ – 02 November 2010 Rabobank: Case Studies in Mobile Banking & Payments Development A brief presentation on mobile banking and payments developments within Rabobank Nederland and Rabobank International; as well as some case studies of how Rabo Development uses these lessons learned in developing countries. Therefore, it was very important for us to give users a chance to easily initiate a new money transfer to a previously added beneficiary. As not all of our great ideas fit in the application, this article did not include everything we would like to talk about the project. You can not say, however, that this was such a horrible pain that made us want to return to Objective-C .”. Reimagining the experience of the longest established Singapore bank — a UX case study. The old application will continue to operate and be maintained, but development will cease. In the world of mobile applications, software life cycle is 2–3 years as opposed to the 10–15 years in a conventional enterprise segment. Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union committed to keeping mobile top of mind for branch staff and members. For us at Redmadrobot, along with the Open Bank Digital Team, the time to radically upgrade the iOS app arrived at the end of last year. During the final two months of our involvement in the project, there were two development teams. In 2010, a well-known web designer, Luke Wroblewski, put forward the concept of developing “mobile first”. Another example is that the commission was only displayed by alert after the “Pay” button was pressed — at the time of payment, the user did not know the size of the commission. Of course, one the one hand static typing is a plus, but on the other hand can be a minus because the compiler always illuminates the error type mismatch and does not take liberties as before. We installed a customer support chat in the new Open Bank application in order to relieve the call center and give people the same kind of communication channel which they are accustomed to in everyday life. Thus, the data on tariffs and loyalty are stored in very different places. The code is regularly checked by experts personally responsible for the security of the bank, known as static analyzers, who periodically conduct external audits and research. This allowed us to construct detailed step-by-step descriptions of how the new mobile banking app should work in order to satisfy the users in the best way possible. This database is not publicly available, and in fact we had to make it by hand. The power of mobile banking show the utilization of multiple mobile banking channels to understand what mobile tools will need to become the premium choice for all banking activities. Leonid Borisov, art director at Redmadrobot, “Our task was to optimize user workflow for the majority of actions — to reduce the number of steps, to supply content more easily, and to start moving in the direction of a more personalized service.”.

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