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Get your monthly roundup of our best articles right straight to your inbox. The first change is to the dynamic driver, which has been switched out for a dual magnet dynamic unit. Dynamic and balanced drivers will provide good sound for both its price. casually stumbled on your page and man i totally feel you in “But I do have a deep appreciation for music, founded at a young age, and curated over the years.”. Special HIFI balanced armature driver unit for HD music resolution, instrument and voice restored in ear. BTW, they already announced a new 8 driver per side IEM, the KZ-AS16, that will be hitting stores soon. new and old cables will be shipped randomly, thank you for your support. I (perhaps psychosomatically) sometimes felt like I could tell there are multiple drivers creating all those sounds, rather than hearing a perfectly uniform presentation from a single source. 2:52 AM Budget Hi-Fi Earphones, Hi-Fi Audio Devices, Hi-Fi Earphones, KZ ZST Pro, KZ ZST Pro Review, Reviews, Tech, Tech News, Tech Review, Unboxing, Unboxing Video, video, We Pinoys love anything with BUDGET attached to something and of course when it comes to gadgets it is more than welcome to be a part of the adjective. So, beware dear reader, what suits one reviewer may not be applicable to you. I even got excited when I read that. It sure looks like KZ must listen to the feedback they receive and put that knowledge into new product design. The shape of the housings is widely used for over-ear OEMs. KZ is the world's leading audio earphones device manufacturer, provide professional audio KZ service covering more than 100 countries and regions. Check out the ZSX review as well before buying. Enhance The Sound Quality And Exterior Again. Shipped with USPS First Class. KZ claims that the high-frequency drivers are capable of reproducing frequencies beyond 40,000 Hz. I’d like to add a caveat. Coupled with the deeper lows, this really moves the sound into my preferred zone. I read your review to see if others felt the same way about them. Nor case, nor storage bag, nor adapter, nor much else. I’ve since shelved all other headphones, no matter style, type or price. The former packing was ZST pro, now it’s ZST. just a items name ! Fit and finish are superb and the body to faceplate mating is spot on. The ZSN feel a bit more high-end thanks to the metal-like backplate on their earbuds. Just what I’m looking for in portable IEMs. This section is a standard inclusion in my hybrid IEM reviews. BAs are considered balanced because the design features a coil around an armature suspended and centered between two magnets. Seriously, I’m doubting whether KZ employees can keep the product lineup straight. Fine tuning the best and making it better after user feedback, the ZST X houses KZ' latest dynamic driver “XUN” and 30095 high performance balanced armature, along with the upgraded cable and classic innovative transparent cyan and purple color. It doesn’t have to be. Just the kind of review i was looking for. You can … I’m also unapologetically a gear-head and love lights, buttons, meters, switches and especially things made from traditional wood, leather, metal and glass materials. Everyone is interested in how the newest release sounds. One of the high-frequency drivers is located in the tip, rather than in the body of the IEM, which means it is closer to, and more directly pointed at the eardrum. Possibly a bit more elevation in the mids would blend the frequency extremes together a little more. Purple is ZST pro. It sounds fuller than the “all BA” AS10, but remains clear and taut. The cable has a couple of inches of memory-shaping stiff wire to personalize the fit over the ear. They are smaller than traditional dynamic drivers and tend to better treble performance with speed and detail, but often sacrifice bass performance. The body is made of a colored, semi-transparent plastic, which displays the plethora of drivers and wires contained within. The mirror-finished, stainless steel faceplate is simply gorgeous, albeit prone to fingerprints. Sorry AS10, you weren’t the king for very long. The ZST was a single hybrid IEM, … Somewhat. It is extremely easy to drive and honestly don’t benefit much from powering them on anything beyond the iPhone. The mids are consistently laid back and never shouty. A tiny PCB frequency dividing board (crossover) resides inside to split the appropriate signals to each driver. It doesn’t have to be. In a nutshell, the KZ offerings include the following series: Currently, 5 drivers per IEM are in KZ’s top of the line models. A lot more. Get 10% Off The KZ ZS10 Pro w/ Mic If You Purchase By 6/20! Success in my books.". It is held on with three tiny star-shaped screws, features three tiny round ports and has three engraved accent lines. Bass is somewhat elevated (which to me means ‘fun’ sounding), mids are oh-so-slightly recessed and the treble is nicely rolled off before things get sharp. The pins are recessed in the cable connector, while the sockets protrude from the IEM body. Your email address will not be published. Would love to know your views on the CCA C12. KZ ZSN PRO(grey) + KZ ZST PRO (purple) BUNDLE Ships from USA. KZ ZS3 – plays the low end a lot better than the ZST as it is punchier and deeper. The ZSN was a major upgrade from Knowledge Zenith’s (KZ) very first hybrid IEM, the ZST. The ZST Pro, a high quality yet relatively inexpensive earbud, is currently one of their most popular products. Perhaps Practice Makes Perfect – The KZ ZS10 Pro Review. Unfortunately, more isn’t always better in the KZ lineup, so I look forward to hearing them myself. The driving force is twice the conversion efficiency of the normal dynamic. Here’s what you get: 1. I was used before cx300 and that earphone was really good for me. Less expensive KZ models are widely considered the epitome of budget hi-fi, and have come to represent much of the allure of Chi-Fi. Precise inside acoustic structure.Armature driver play treble sound, dynamic with powerful bass. The bare minimum of what is expected these days. Its impedance is 25 Ohm and with 104dB/mw the headphones can be used with simple players. The caveat? The low end is tight, deep and controlled. $21.57. It’s actually nicely balanced, like the AS10 and BA10, without crazy piercing highs or an anemic midrange. I love my KZ ZS10 Pro too as I found them to be fun, engaging, and not lacking in technicalities. Compared to the AS10, the treble in the ZS10 Pro comes across as slightly more rolled off. Recently, I’ve done a head-to-head comparison review of the (then) flagship AS10 and BA10 models, which both offer a much more balanced sound than the lesser-priced models. KZ ED12 – the bass tends to overpower the mids a little bit, although not really to the point of making it sound muddy. Runs, “Sorry AS10, you weren’t the king for very long“ You’re right on about the top end. Knowledge Zenith KZ ES4 Required fields are marked *. $21.26. Seems tighter to me too, although I liked the extensions on the low end better with the ED12 compared to ZS3. I chose the blue colored shell and they are stunning! Chi-fi is beginning to mature and KZ continues to be at the front of the pack. Just like the original ZSN, KZ has opted for a simple and small box for the ZSN Pro. I hate the tropical reviews we see online and this one separates itself from the masses by getting straight to the point. As seems to be the case with KZ, I found the large size to work best for me, although I typically use medium-sized ear tips with other IEM brands. this review had just sealed the deal for my purchase. I find it minimally microphonic and nicely flexible. KZ-ZST PRO, enhance the sound quality and exterior again. I’ve found that the screens in the BA10 dislodge fairly easily with minimal usage. This is similar to the version 1 design of the ZS5; version 2 placed both high-frequency BAs in the tip. Nothing especially fancy, but it looks and feels reasonably premium. Self-designed acoustic eartips, compare with routine eartips, could fits ear well, with more comfortable wearing experience. Thanks to the weight of only approx. Always doubt if it was worth to retire my zs10 for the AS10 … but I think the time has come to do it and curiously it will be the ZS10… PRO. Improved Bass Dynamic Driver, Bass Is Powerful And Elastic. The characteristic KZ v-shaped sound signature is still there. These IEMs only come with the stock KZ star-patterned, black ear tips in small, medium and large sizes. Combined with being very comfortable, the ZS10 Pro is an easy IEM to listen to for long sessions, and a delight for anything with a back beat. . KZ ZSN earphone 2. … This section is a standard inclusion in my IEM reviews. Pembayaran mudah, pengiriman cepat & bisa cicil 0%. I’ll buy mine already. However, when auditioning products at the higher end of the KZ price scale, expectations of quality and performance must be set accordingly. The KZ ZSN Pro contains a dynamic and a BA driver inside. I like the 2-3 inches of stiff memory wire at the IEM pin end that holds its shape around the top of the ear. Szn10 pro better than that? 2. Hybrid Technology Knowledge Zenith KZ ES3 Read more. In-ear monitors (IEMs) use either Balanced Armatures (BA) or Dynamic Drivers (DD) to produce sound. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Another day, another new IEM from Knowledge Zenith (KZ). Reproduce strong bass at any time and restore the low frequency details of the majestic.”. KZ has generated a huge amount of industry buzz by creating products that have seriously redefined the ratio of price to performance. Again, good job! KZ changed its logo, ZST Pro new packing box and old packing were sent by randomly. These models begin to compete with products from established audio companies. The ZS10 Pro’s mid-range is a bit cooler and absent of sibilance, except where it is already present in a track. The only difference was that the name was changed. The ZS10 Pro maintains the original's driver layout, and that's about it. On the back of the box is a list of specifications and company information. Sensitivity is still the same at 112dB/mW making the ZsN Pro X fairly easy to to drive from smartphones or tablets. Review: Shozy Hibiki MK2 (Neutral Sound Signature). Knowledge Zenith KZ ZST PRO Read more. Note : The ZST and ZST Pro boxes are the same, subject to the real thing, and ZST only have one verison ! Since multiple BAs are required to cover a wide frequency range, they are typically more expensive. Now you can order and buy hybrid earphones KZ ZSN PRO at an attractive price for only $19.94 without a microphone and $20.71 with a microphone with a 41% discount. Treble on the ZSN Pro X is even more exaggerated and not as well controlled, in addition to losing out on detail. KZ-ZST Pro In-ear Super Bass Earphones Dynamic Music HIFI Headphones Gift #ORP. It’s small, simple and works fine, but doesn’t convey an intrinsic sense of quality. Most discussions conclude with the idea that although their IEMs may not produce the absolute best sound, they are difficult to beat at the low price point. The big boys can’t compete with this, none of them. Changes are not many, but they seem to be meaningful. Let’s see how the. The ZS10 Pro is a great IEM. Nor is it a bass cannon for the ‘only-EDM’ crowd. Input your search keywords and press Enter. Up for consideration, today is the new top-of-the-line ‘Pro’ monikered version of the KZ ZS10 – KZ ZS10 Pro. It has a fun tuning but one that still impresses when it comes under scrutiny. A crossover circuit is used to split the signal to multiple BA drivers covering multiple frequency bands. “10 Hybrid Technology” is written on the plate’s beveled edge. ZST PRO (purple) cables color is changed, just the cable color different, the performance is consistent. KZ is also known for releasing many different models, so it gets convoluted when trying to figure out their hierarchy of IEMs. I started with the ZS5 version 1, which has a very fun, if not overly-refined sound signature. KZ ZSN Pro in Ear Buds Earphones Yinyoo Hybrid Dynamic Driver Balanced Armature Earbuds Headphones Dual Driver 1DD 1BA Deep Bass Stereo Sound Ergonomic Comfortable Earphones (Gray no mic) 4.5 out of 5 stars 698 $20.99 KZ ZST Dynamic Hybrid Dual Driver in … Super high moving iron unit with moving coil unit can not reach the treble performance ability,and the details of this high pitched are widely used in the preparation of the size of the music. “KZ-ZS10 Pro stunning HIFI configuration” is printed below the faceplate writing. But with KZ and the way they release new models that could change next week. IEMs are notoriously difficult to review and compared to full-size headphones, it is problematic to trust that review findings will be applicable to all readers. The all-plastic design of the AS10 is comfortable, but I am just not a fan of how that IEM looks. The music sounds plump and powerful. To say the KZ ZS10 Pro is merely attractive does them a disservice. Equipped with the KZ latest dynamic driver “XUN” and 30095 high performance balanced armature, along with the upgraded cable and classic innovative transparent cyan and purple color, ZST X excels in … Here’s what KZ has to say about the dynamic driver: Well, I don’t know about all that, but a benefit of using a dynamic driver (rather than a BA) is to achieve extended low bass response. The colorful nature of the KZ ZST PRO earphones justifies the other name it is known by, the KZ ZST Colorful. They transformed and progressed. My first KZ purchase was the Zs10 Pro IEM. Special HiFi Balanced Armature Driver unit. Free shipping . Review: Sony MDR 1000X – The Best Noise-Canceling Headphones? These are some of the best earphones in terms of clarity and detail, but their pierce can be unbearable for many users, myself included. Love it. I upgraded the cable and the eartips and won’t be looking back. Let’s hope that this becomes the standard used on all models going forward. You can find the KZ ZST on at Penon Audio, here, for $20. As with everything, take it for what it is: this is just one person’s opinion. A single DD can cover the entire frequency range without a crossover and is capable of extended bass response.

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